Expert collaborators

Expert collaborators


The following researchers are in charge of the initial desk analysis to identify the best practices tackling GBV (Best Practices Report); and of the elaboration of the Capacity Building Training Guide and Toolkit of the Cut All Ties for the implementation of the intervention in the high-schools. The objective of the C-BT will be to train both youngsters and teachers on how to raise awareness, identify and prevent GBV among youth early affective-sexual relationships, and will be available online at the end of the project.


Catarina Alves (Gender & Social Consultancy)

Independent Social and Gender Consultant. Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Degree in Social Policy and Social Work, with a specialization in Psychosocial assistance to immigrants, refugees and ethnic minorities and Master on Women studies, Gender and Citizenship.



Monica Martinelli (Settenove)

Editor, trainer on gender stereotypes and feminist activist. Graduated in Law from the University of Urbino. Experience in the field of social publishing. Founder of Settenove, the first Italian publishing house entirely dedicated to the prevention of discrimination and gender-based violence through children’s books, novels, essays, and manuals for teachers, educators and anti-violence center professionals.


The Gender Expert Panel consists of a multidisciplinary and transnational group of independent experts in gender studies and/or educational intervention, who assesses the quality of the materials produced within the framework of the project, contributing their experience on the matter.


Dra. Maria Prats Ferret

Director of the Observatory for Equality from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.




Gemma Martret Rodríguez

Equality and Co-education Referent in the Schools for Equality and Diversity Program from the Barcelona Education Consortium.


Míriam Comet Donoso

Associate Professor of the Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education and Member of the GREDI Research Group on Intercultural Education and Genre from the University of Barcelona. She is also co-founder of Luciferases, an organisation that promotes STEM education from a feminist and gender approach.



Dr. Cristina Gamberi, PhD

GEMMA – Master Erasmus Mundus in Women’s and Gender Studies

University of Bologna


Rosy Nardone, PhD

Researcher in Didactics and Special Pedagogy (M-PED/03)

Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Educazione «G. M. Bertin»

Università di Bologna


Laura Martufi

Legal Representative of Percorso Donna Association


The objective of the team that will develop the Impact Evaluation is to carry out an empirical impact assessment of the pilot’s effectiveness in changing opinions and social behaviors in order to develop policy recommendations and a scientific study.

The Impact Evaluation will be developed within the consolidated research group GREDI that since 1992 developed a joint path on intercultural education, research methodology, professionals’ training and elaboration and evaluation of educational programs and materials. In the last decade, an agenda of gender research has also been consolidated, becoming a strategic area within the framework of the plural identity of the group. Since the beginning, the group has been committed to the transformation and improvement of society in the light of equity and social cohesion. This group and its URV coordinator Barbara Biglia, is also the promotor of the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Feminist Research SIMReF started in 2008.

The Impact Evaluation will be carried out by three SIMReF members:

Prof. Barbara Biglia

Professor in the Department of Pedagogy at the Rovira i Virgili University. Researcher at GREDI.

Researcher Profile




Ma. Carla Barrio

Predoctoral FPU (University Teacher Training) at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid, in the Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory.




Itziar Gandaria 

Professor at the University of Deusto. Doctor in Social Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Postgraduate in Mental Health in situations of political violence and catastrophes from the Complutense University of Madrid. Expert in gender and migration.



Project co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC 2014-2020).

Reference: 101005305/CUTALLTIES/REC-AG-2020 


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